The Gambia is known as ‘the smiling coast’ for a reason. Such is the fantastic welcome of the locals, these wonderful people will have you smiling in no time, and who can blame you.

The Gambia is a fantastic winter (and summer) sun destination, and with a sub-tropical climate and average year-round temperatures of 32°C, this is a country which turns all frowns upside down!

With a flight time of approximately 6 hours from the UK and with no time difference during the winter months (-1 during the summer), holidaymakers will arrive at their hotel in the afternoon and immediately begin enjoying the glorious sunshine, and without the groggy impact of jet lag.

What’s more, at The Gambia Experience we don’t just offer direct flights during the winter months, but in fact all year-round.

As a destination, The Gambia has lots to offer holidaymakers, and our countless tours and excursions are bound to tick your clients’ boxes. Bird-watching enthusiasts can enjoy spotting some of the 560+ species, and those fascinated by culture can revel in traditional African dancing and drumming.

In Kololi, the main resort in The Gambia, ‘the strip’ contains a great variety of restaurants and bars serving up all kinds of national and international cuisine, and there’s even a nightclub or two for the party-goers. Eating out is wonderfully affordable in The Gambia, and you can expect to pay around £25pp for a three-course meal at a top Gambian restaurant, though there are countless cuisines and eateries to choose from to suit all budgets.

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