The Amritsar Heritage Walk is historically linked with the heritage of Sikhism, it is amongst the most visited religious sites of the world. This place was found by Sri Guru Ramdass who was the fourth guru of Sikhs.

This two hour guided tour, conducted twice a day, takes you into the 400 year old of the old city of Amritsar and some of the most wonderful architectural and heritage from Amritsar’s olden times.

The tour consists of a trip to the historic Town Hall which was in the year 1866 by the British and it is considered as the centre of Amritsar’s local Administration in the present. It was dedicated to the heroism of the twenty-one soldiers who bravely died on the 36 Sikhs battalion on September 12, 1987.

You can visit the ancient Banyan tree that has stood untouched since the period of Gurus this tree is revered by people as the Baba Bohar. The next spot is the Thakurdwara Mandir, which the Christi Atari is built by Guru. There is an ancient passage leading to the Churi Bazaar which connects the archway connecting mohallas and katras before reaching the gates of the Golden Temple.